5 Most Bizarre Bathroom Knickknacks

Along the lines of unique inventions, some of the most perplexing developments have taken place in the realm of bathroom accessories. From toilet paper holders that dual as iPod docks to shower heads with LED lights built in to indicate the temperature, there are dozens of bathroom accoutrements to keep you and your guests entertained while you do your business. Many bathroom knickknacks are convenience items that allow for multitasking amidst an already quick activity. Other accessories bring unexpected flare to common household items. Bathroom knickknacks can be great conversation starters. Considering the substantial amount of time in life spent in the bathroom, it isn’t too shocking that unusual bathroom decor has been created. From the luxurious to the just plain weird, there are all kinds of products to make your bathroom experience more interesting.

  1. Toilet Bling

    While not necessarily a knickknack, Jemal Wright has developed a line of Swarovski crystal-studded toilets, so your bathroom can keep up with the latest in couture. Valued at an estimated $75,000, this is truly a top-of-the-line adornment for any toilet in need of sassing up. With a bedazzled toilet, you can actually refer to the loo as your porcelain throne without any hint of irony. The glittering toilet also provides a greater incentive for keeping your bathroom tidy.

  2. Patterned Toilet Paper

    If you have an increasing need to wipe with leopard print toilet paper, fret not. Dozens of patterns exist on the web, including toilet paper with money printed on it and toilet paper with various celebrity faces, if you’re feeling particularly vindictive. As for the quality of the toilet tissue, comfort may be compromised. You likely will not find multi-layer, high absorbency, aloe-infused toilet paper with zebra stripes, but the sensation of wiping with tissue akin to sandpaper is simply the price you pay for style.

  3. Waterproof Notebooks

    Specially formulated for use in the shower or bath, waterproof notebooks allow for you to jot your ideas down precisely as they come to you — wet or dry. The waterproof pages are perforated for easy removal when you’re on the go. It is perplexing as to what kind of person is so short on time that they can’t be bothered with drying off before grabbing the pen and paper. But the 15 seconds of time saved by scribbling down your thoughts while shampoo stings your eyes is certain to be worth it.

  4. Shower Mic

    Everyone knows that the acoustics in the shower provide the perfect venue for your cover performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” With the Shower Mic, a sponge cut in the shape of a handheld microphone, you can heighten the illusion of actual stardom. Between numbers, the microphone doubles as an actual sponge, so you can lather up while you exercise your vocal chords.

  5. The Babykeeper

    Although multifunctional, the Babykeeper boasts one of its practical uses as a way to suspend your baby over the bathroom door while you do your business. Made of a nylon harness with hooks that loop over the door, the Babykeeper holds the infant, arms and legs dangling, solving the issue of how to be a regular multitasking parent. You can then hinge the baby onto the outside of the door while you wash your hands. Be sure not to be so charmed by the convenience that you accidentally leave your child hanging in a public restroom.

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