5 Perfectly Livable Homes Repurposed from Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are the latest hot commodity in the design world. Building homes, studios, and retail spaces out of these pre-fabricated structures allows for a dwelling that is both cost-efficient and environmentally sound. With the ease of transportation and unrivaled construction time, you can order your shipping container home and have it built in a month or less. It is a great alternative to the brick-and-mortar home we’ve grown so accustomed to. These shipping container homes were designed to such perfection, you almost forget they were made from one of the graffiti-riddled train vessels you see crossing state lines. They can be wired to include bathrooms with fully functioning toilets and showers, Wi-Fi, kitchens, and full electricity, like a normal home. Unlike a normal home,
you can plop one down just about anywhere. And as this list shows, container homes are springing up all over the world.

  1. MEKA Home in New York

    Positioned at the corner of Charles and Washington Street in the West Village, this 320-square-foot container home is built from up to 70% recycled materials and just costs $100 per square foot. To even further diminish the cost of living, the MEKA module, as it has been dubbed, comes with optional solar paneling. It was designed by architects Jason Halter and Christos Marcopoulous and can be constructed in a mere two weeks. This module comes with a working bathroom and kitchen, and one wall can be expanded to create a deck.

  2. Maziar Behrooz Art Studio

    Although it functions as an art studio, this container structure boasts multiple floors and 700 square feet of livable space. By stacking two shipping containers, the lower floor is underground and allows for high ceilings. The upper floor is heavily windowed to let in light and has a seating area for relaxation. By hanging all artwork on the walls of the lower floor, the staircase can be used to view the entire studio’s work.

  3. The Cordell House

    At around 1,900 square feet, the Cordell House was made using four individual shipping containers and is stationed just outside of Houston, Texas. The house was developed by Katie Nichols and John Walker, who realized that Houston was the perfect city for shipping container homes given the preexisting port industry. The property also has a separate guest house (also made from a shipping container). The beautiful design and large windows make it an enviable home, shipping container or not.

  4. SG Blocks House

    Although currently serving as a design piece only, the SG Blocks Harbinger Prefab is fully functional as a home composed of five shipping containers. With a focus on durability, the steel shipping containers that serve as its shell allow for protection against the most inclement weather conditions, such as hurricanes or earthquakes. It can be assembled in less than five hours on location. Even with rainwater recycling, solar panels, and FSC-certified woods, the home is an affordable $150 per square foot.

  5. Container City, Mexico

    If a container house isn’t impressive enough, consider this container city that rests two hours outside of Mexico City. The sustainable city is built entirely from recycled shipping containers that form not only the homes, but also bars, art galleries, and retail shops. The “container village” allows for a very communal style of living for its eco-friendly residents, and it isn’t the only one of its kind — similar container sub-cities can be found in London and New York.

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