5 Tackiest Home Design Trends for 2012

A big part of our ever-changing culture are trends – in fashion, art, décor, and even home and interior design. However, there comes a time where we really need to retire those awesomely bad trends that just end up looking tacky. This is especially true of home design trends. We’re talking about the return of shag rugs, which should have stopped being made in the ’70s. What about those ridiculous foil-based wallpapers? Yeah, we’re starting to see more and more design faux pas that continue to make even the brave-hearted cringe. We’re trying to rescue your home and your sanity from total destruction here – the five tackiest home design trends are listed below.

  1. Designing Your Home Like a Reality TV Set
    Shows like The Real World exposed mass audiences to the reality TV home obsession, which gave reality stars the tricked out space to live the ultimate lifestyle of partying and drama. However, it doesn’t create the calming home-sweet-home feel. I mean, many of these homes just aren’t practical or economical. The fakeness of these homes and living spaces are probably due to the fact that most of the times it’s a staged set, like on the reality show Big Brother. Other times, the interior design of the homes are interpreted strictly by literal themes, and there’s nothing like feeling you’re living in a theme park right? I’ll pass.
  2. Use of Astro-Turf
    Even if your excuse is not being able to take care of a full landscape, do not resort to using astro-turf as an alternative, please. Try landscaping your backyard with a couple potted plants native to your area? That will require less maintenance and calls to the lawn mowing service. If you strictly stick to plants that don’t require watering beyond the natural rainfall your yard already receives, it’s hardly any trouble to enjoy a lush green backyard.
  3. Pleather Furniture
    Nothing says cheap or trashy louder than pleather (our fancy word for synthetic leather, a type of material made of plastic fibers that vaguely resemble genuine leather). We understand leather can be expensive, but rather than spending a fraction of your money on fake leather, there are many other materials out there that are more affordable. If you insist on using pleather, try sticking to smaller furnishings, which make it least obvious.
  4. Silk Crib Sheets
    Okay, take a second to fathom that ridiculous proposal. Just why? Putting such an expensive material that requires great upkeep in a baby’s crib, where your baby will probably poop and drool, is one of the dumbest things I can think of. It also reminds me of my grandma’s bedroom. Believe it or not, people are still buying silk crib sheets by the volume, regardless of the $1,000 and up price tag. Yeah, we’re rolling our eyes too.
  5. Shag Rugs
    Alright, I’ll admit. The incredibly soft, fuzzy texture of shag rugs makes me want to take an afternoon nap at any hour of the day. During the ’70s, they were all the rage in every living room. Nowadays, can we please take a second look at this atrociousness? They look cheap, gather lots of dust and little bugs, and are very hard to clean. You spill a drink on that, and you’re doomed. Best to leave shag rugs in the ’70s where they belong.

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