6 Reality TV Stars You’d Hate to Have as Roommates

While there are very few reality television stars that would make decent roommates in the long run, there are a handful that stand out as having some of the worst roommate potential of all time. Given that a reality show is filmed over a span of several weeks or months, we as viewers are able to see the good, the bad, and the ugly about the people we’re presented with. We see how they act when they’re on their game, but we also see how they treat one another when they wake up in the morning and demand to know who ate their cereal, or at night when they get so plastered that they become belligerent on the streets. It’s only natural that with constant filming, some unlikable qualities will come out. From this, we can deduce exactly who we’d least be comfortable living with off-screen.

  1. Tyra Banks

    If you are in any way familiar with Tyra Banks, her talk show Tyra, or the reality series America’s Next Top Model, you know why Tyra would be an absolute nightmare of a roommate. Tyra’s attempts to be a source of model-knowledge to her contestants on Top Model only show how incredibly into herself she is, while she constantly references shoots she’s done and poses she’s coined for the betterment of the modeling community. Her key phrase “smize” or “smiling with your eyes” comes out of her mouth so often, you could devise a drinking game out of its repetition. Tyra has also been known to have outbursts on the show, screaming at her model-ettes “out of compassion.”

  2. Spencer Pratt

    Known for MTV’s The Hills, Spencer made his name as Heidi Montag’s arrogant boyfriend (and now husband). Pratt makes it publicly known that he is willing to do anything for publicity, even if it involves negative press. This was most obvious when he publicly filed divorce with Montag, only to later admit it was a publicity stunt. Likewise, when he announced that he thought 9/11 was an inside job and started to preach his belief in the “New World Order.” He’s also had three wedding ceremonies with Heidi, in spite of allegedly being broke, and both have talked about releasing a sex tape to create buzz. If living with someone as egotistical and publicity-hungry as Spencer Pratt gives you a fake-celebrity contact high, he’s the perfect roommate.

  3. Kate Gosselin

    Star from Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate would not make the optimum roommate. First and foremost, living with Kate means having the accommodations and patience for the eight small children she has in tow. Second, Kate has a lot of baggage. With intermittent visits from Jon and her desire to find a new man while simultaneously gripping for other reality TV opportunities to embrace, she simply is too much drama to be a roommate. We’ve also seen her lose her cool far too many times while on the show.

  4. “Snooki” Polizzi

    Apart from being incredibly annoying, living with Snooki would essentially mean living in a frat house. You would have to prepare to be awaken from slumber at all hours of the night with pointless, drunken drama. Not to mention, the house Snooki and the gang live in on the show Jersey Shore is a giant mess. Top that off with the recent news of Snooki’s pending pregnancy with boyfriend Jionni LaValle and you have one of the worst living arrangements of all time.

  5. Russell Hantz

    This two-time contestant on Survivor is known for being one of the most villainous characters on reality TV. As a self-made multimillionaire, winning Survivor for the money was of no interest to him. Instead, he wished to make the rest of the castmates miserable. To this end, he played out such antics such as ruining his own team’s water supply and burning their
    clothing. Imagine coming home to a roommate who delights in sabotaging your life simply for their own satisfaction. If that doesn’t sound enticing, don’t shack up with Russell Hantz.

  6. Wendy Pepper

    Wendy Pepper was one of the most unlikeable contestants on Project Runway, and it’s easy to see why. With her skunk stripe hair-do, her clothing designs that almost always involved excessive amounts of fringe, and her back-stabbing behavior on the show, she was memorable in the least positive way possible. She was mean and conniving, giving the well-worn excuse that she “[wasn’t] there to make friends.” She could only be expected to reflect that same behavior as a roommate.

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