7 Best TV Shows for the DIY Crowd

If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Luckily, for home repairs and upgrades, there are entire television networks dedicated to helping you figure out what that means. Are you a first-time home owner? Do you need to renovate? Time to build that party patio out back? Never fear; we’ve narrowed the options for televised help down to the seven best. Check out these great TV shows for the DIY crowd:

  1. Design on a Dime (HGTV)

    If you’re a DIY-er, there’s no doubt you love HGTV. While there are many helpful shows on the network, the best of the bunch is Design on a Dime. For decorating your space on a budget, this show is a fount of helpful information and tips. Instructions are provided, and there are plenty of before, during, and after scenes to guide you through your DIY decorating process.

    Pro Tip: Most designs will actually cost a bit more than one dime.

  2. Man Caves (DIY Network)

    If you’re a man with a plan, you’ve probably seen Man Caves. This show transforms spaces into dedicated areas for work or play, and they’re always designed for men. While some of the room designs may be out of your price range, tips on furniture, lighting, and wall space will take you far.

  3. Desperate Landscapes (DIY Network)

    You don’t have to be a housewife to be desperate; you might just want a nice yard. Enter: Desperate Landscapes. This show provides tips, tricks, and budget-friendly advice for back porches, walkways, flower beds, and trees. If you don’t have a green thumb, you’re not alone. But you can transform your home’s curb appeal by watching and studying this show.

  4. Real Rooms (BBC)

    If you’ve seen everything on HGTV and DIY, flip on over to the BBC. Real Rooms redesigns small spaces on a budget, and shows you how to do it yourself. Bonus? They do it all in 48 hours, showing you precisely what you can accomplish in a weekend.

  5. Renovation Realities (DIY Network and HGTV)

    If you like going from A to Z, you’ll love Renovation Realities. This show features the complete process involved in the renovation process, and demonstrates how to work beyond the kinks. Disasters and upsets will always happen, usually when you least expect them. But Renovation Realities makes good on its name and can help you learn how to see your project to completion.

  6. Sweat Equity (DIY Network)

    Sweat Equity will teach you how to break a sweat and add value to your home. While most renovation projects are intended to add value, some are more fruitful than others. And Sweat Equity can help you decide on which home improvement project to focus. They have a team of professionals to do the work, but there are often advice and ideas about which improvements are worth the money to add the most equity to your home.

  7. DIY SOS (BBC)

    Ever started a home improvement project with gusto, only to have it derailed due to finances or disasters? You’re not alone. DIY SOS on BBC is focused on rescuing DIY fails. It’s hard to do your home improvement solo, and you’re bound to make mistakes. DIY SOS also has a comprehensive website, providing step-by-step guides, facts, and expert advice.

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