7 Places Not To Skimp During a Home Renovation


Is your house renovation thinning out your wallet? You’re remodeling, not trying to break the bank! Financially responsible home improvement is the most desirable method of renovation, and saving extra dollars is always a good thing. Frugality is understandable, but not always workable. There are a few places around the house that you can’t afford to cut corners no matter where you live- Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, North Dakota, North Carolina. We’ve found seven of them.

  1. Bathroom

    Your bathroom is the most expensive value per square foot in your house. When renovating, keep bathrooms neutral, and avoid overpersonalizing with trendy decor. Choose something classic; fads lack timelessness. And ensure all fixtures are ideal for their proper use. Cheaper pedestal sinks, for example, work well in powder rooms, but are less desirable in a master bath. (They’re notoriously hard to use when shaving.) Another good rule: buy an expensive showerhead, and splurge (if you can) on a bathtub.

  2. Kitchen

    Three little words: granite is king. And don’t skimp on the cabinets above your countertops, either — they should be both beautiful and useful. Purchase the most high-end appliances you can comfortably afford. In this case, matching matters — try a modern look of stainless steel. Granite and stainless steel appliance sets solidify a top-notch resale value.

  3. Small Elements/Hardware

    If the devil’s in the details, don’t cheap out on them. Don’t skimp on hardware, but buy it on a budget. Doorknobs, light switches, and other hardware and small elements in the house must stay current and sleek. But you don’t have to pay a premium price; search eBay for clearance hardware products.

  4. Insulation

    Don’t cut corners when it comes to your home’s insulation and air conditioning unit. You’ll sacrifice a lower electricity bill, and poor insulation can increase your energy usage by more than half. And going green will save you green, as well; a well-insulated home costs less to climate control.

  5. Landscaping

    It’s just a fact of the real estate industry: curb appeal matters, and maybe more than it should. Top-notch lighting and excellent landscaping will create the most impact, but be prepared to pay for this luxury. Go local if you go with a pro.

  6. Drywall

    If changing the structure of your home, don’t opt for Chinese drywall. The material, mostly popular in 2006 and 2007, poses health and safety threats, such as respiratory infections, earaches, and bloody noses. Opt instead for better, safer drywall. Due to health claims, mortgage companies are now having appraisers test for it. Chinese drywall can be a debilitating health risk.

  7. Contractors

    Bargain contractors equal bargain-level work. Don’t cheap out on hiring the right person to lead your renovation, as more money means more expertise and time devoted to you. Have a clear-cut contract to avoid unnecessary fees, and don’t pay anyone who doesn’t return your calls or address concern immediately. Life’s too short, and home’s too sweet.

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