7 Ridiculous SkyMall Items That We Actually Want to Own

We’ve all been there. You’re bored on a flight, waiting until you can turn on your electronic devices again, so you flip through the SkyMall catalog in front of you. Your thought process: “This is so dumb. Who would ever actually buy this stuff? What are they … oh, I could totally use this!” As embarrassing as it is to consider buying something from SkyMall, you’re not alone. Even though we know how ridiculous these products are, you have to admit they’d be kind of awesome to own. Does flying from Washington to Florida or California to Maine cloud our judgment? Maybe SkyMall has a product to fix that!

  1. Wireless Color Mirror Camera

    Mirrors around your home not only give you the chance to check your hair before you rush out the door, but they give the space a homey feeling and can make rooms feel larger. You’d think that would be enough, but not in SkyMall world. This mirror also contains a camera, which they say is to protect your home, but we’re pretty sure it’s just so you can watch people checking for boogers and popping zits. If you’ve got an extra $499.95 and space on your wall, buy this, throw a party, and then watch the footage later for some real entertainment.

  2. Cat Toilet Training System

    It’s a funny gag in the Meet the Parents franchise, but toilet training a cat is apparently possible and doesn’t sound like a bad alternative to spreading litter all over your house. For only $49.99, you can be free of cleaning out litter boxes forever. The system works by first putting a little bit of litter in a tray over the toilet. As the cat gets used to it, the hole in the middle of the tray gets bigger, teaching him to balance and eventually getting rid of the need for the tray at all. Now if they would show us how to teach the cat to flush, we’d be set.

  3. Electronic Racket Zappers

    These zappers act as both practical pest control and entertainment. They look like ordinary rackets for tennis or badminton, but they have a sinister purpose — bug killing! Spend your summer nights swatting away at mosquitos, flies, whatever. It’s satisfying and pretty good exercise. A set of two is $39.95: totally worth it for a date night or kid’s birthday party.

  4. Magic Wand Remote Control

    This isn’t the right remote control for everyone, but if your giant novelty remote has lost its charm, it’s time to get the Magic Wand Remote Control. You program your remote’s functions to coincide with a gesture with your wand. Flicking the wand up could turn up the volume. Making a circle with it could rewind the DVR. Basically anything your remote can do, your wand can do better. And if you need an excuse to buy it, just say it’s for your kid who’s really into Harry Potter. No one has to know exactly how awesome it is to control the TV with a magic wand.

  5. Dog DNA Test Kit

    We like to picture this test being used for an episode of doggy Maury. “In the case of 6-month-old puppy Bowser, you are NOT the father.” In reality, it’s slightly more useful, helping you determine what breeds make up your non-purebred pooch. Just like a human DNA test, you swab the inside of your dog’s mouth and send the sample to the lab. This can help you determine what kind of behavior to expect from your pup, how you should train him, and what exercise is best. Or you might find out whether that black lab down the street fathered your puppy. You never know.

  6. SlumberSleeve

    At first glance, this looks like a woman wearing a beer coozy on her upper arm. But once you get over how dumb it looks, the idea’s actually not half bad. Anything that allows us to take naps on the go is a product worth considering. The SlumberSleeve is a pillow that slips over your arm so that the weight of your big head doesn’t cause your whole arm to go numb and you can actually sleep comfortably. You can also wear it on your ankles if they often lose feeling when you cross them for too long. Be prepared to see us drooling on this sleeve pillow at our desks from now on.

  7. Touchless Sensor Toilet Seats

    So you can teach your cat to use the toilet, but can you teach your boyfriend to put the toilet seat down? Well, now there’s no need! The Touchless Sensor Toilet Seats mean we never have to worry about forgetful men and we don’t have to touch germy toilet seats. What could be better? The toilet senses motion and raises the seat when you get near. Then it lowers it when you walk away. We predict that soon enough no one will be lifting their own toilet seats!

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