7 Summer DIY Projects for the Backyard


Have you always wanted a swing or a bird house in your backyard? Do you need a new and improved garden to grow your veggies? If your backyard is in need of some serious TLC, then head outside with what’s left of the summer and start making your ideas a reality. With a little budgeting and the help of friends and family, you can transform your blah backyard into a beautiful oasis you can enjoy all year round. Here are seven summer DIY projects for the backyard:

  1. Build a raised garden bed:

    A fun and practical DIY summer project is to build a raised garden bed. Raised beds are easier to use and far more customizable than traditional flat gardens. Building a basic raised bed will require several wood posts, PVC pipes, screws, and other materials, as well as a couple power tools to get the job done quicker. Depending on how detailed you want to get, a homemade raised garden bed will likely set you back about $200.

  2. Build a bird house:

    Bring some wildlife to your backyard by building a bird house. This DIY project is both simple and inexpensive. Best of all, you can use just about any scrap materials you find around the house to make a cozy birdhouse. For example, you could use old fence pickets, a fruit can, and a tree branch for the perch, like in the tutorial linked above.

  3. Build an outdoor shower:

    Most people don’t even consider building an outdoor shower in their backyard, but if you have a swimming pool or you live near a beach or lake, then this may be a project worth looking into. Not to mention, if you do a lot of gardening or outdoor activities, then an outdoor shower would provide a quick rinse or cool down. This project has its fair share of challenges, particularly in the areas of woodwork and plumbing, but it’s not beyond your reach either.

  4. Construct a horseshoe pit:

    Get the whole family together to construct a horseshoe pit this summer. This basic DIY project requires only a few materials, including a steel stake or pole, a few wood posts, sand, and a set of horseshoes. You can go as basic or detailed as you want, but either way, you’ll be proud of the game you constructed with your bare hands.

  5. Build an outdoor fire pit:

    Summer is a good time to build an outdoor fire pit that you can use on chilly fall and winter nights in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, etc. A homemade fire pit can be constructed into any size or shape that you like, but the bigger and more ornate the fire pit, the more expensive it will be. Using concrete and scrap materials will make this project more affordable, but the addition of stones or a gas line connection may be more aesthetically pleasing.

  6. Lay a patio:

    If you’re looking for a challenging DIY project the whole family can participate in, then get ready to lay a patio. Be prepared to lug around heavy materials and crawl around on your knees all day as you set the stones or bricks. Depending on the size and materials you use, this patio project could cost you a couple hundred bucks or more to complete. Even though laying a patio is a long and laborious project, you’ll be very pleased with the results.

  7. Make a garden swing:

    Imagine swinging your summer nights away in a garden swing you built yourself! The DIY swing featured here requires quite a bit of woodwork, but it’s definitely worth the time, effort, and money when you have a beautiful, homemade swing hanging in your backyard.

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