8 Awesome iPhone Apps for Landlords

Are you a property owner? There’s an app for that. If you’re showing your rental property, you should know by now that everyone looks first on the web whether you live in Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa. Having a web presence is important, and having mobile tools of your trade at your fingertips can be highly convenient. No matter if you’re looking to rent a place out, or have been in the game a long time — every landlord needs these eight great apps in their toolbox.

  1. The Landlord App

    It’s the grandaddy of all apps for you — it’s the Landlord App. Developed by property managers, the people that created this beautiful interface absolutely know your pain. This app boasts the ability to manage all properties and clients, as well as keep track of things on the business end as well. Getting this program should be your first priority in rental management apps.

  2. Craigslist

    Everyone uses Craigslist, especially would-be renters. This app is of utmost importance, and its functionality will even allow for painless posting of your properties. It’s an easy catch-all in which to take care of this time-sensitive rental platform.

  3. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

    This highly-rated app is Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms, and it’s imperative that you have this glossary at your fingertips. If you have picky tenants, they’ll often ask you what terms and conditions stated in your standard lease agreements mean. If you’ve got this app, you’ll have a good answer for them, no matter where you are.

  4. Offender Locator

    If you’ve got potential renters with safety concerns (read: children), do a quick search in your property’s neighborhood to know where registered sex offenders live and lurk. Try to avoid owning property in hotbeds of derelict activity, and know the landscape of a place so you can be honest in your assessment to your clients.

  5. My New Place

    To get an idea of what your potential renters are seeing, make sure that your listing shows up in the search directory of My New Place. You’ll want to have this app yourself, too. It’s best to be familiar with the interface and layout, so that you can optimize your postings for mobile viewing.

  6. Street Easy

    If you’re in New York (or certain parts of New Jersey), Street Easy is your easy street for showing off to clients. Potential renters can search for homes, and you’ll want to make sure that your property ranks high on the list. It’s a highly rated tool, and one you’ll surely need to be the most effective landlord in the Big Apple.

  7. Apartments.com

    The mobile version of one of the web’s most popular destinations for house hunters, Apartments.com is another app you’ll need. And this one’s not location specific. If you’ve got property in different cities, or you just want to be simply found, Apartments.com is an app you’ll definitely want to grab.

  8. iKenex MLS

    You need the entire MLS with you, anywhere you go. Whether you like to browse, compare, or use it for client interface, it’s always beneficial to know what’s out there. This app is an easy way to keep track of potential renters and competitors, and have the entire relevant real estate database at your fingertips.

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