8 Cartoon Houses We Wish Were Real

Shopping for a home can be very exciting; you start out with a wish list and feel like you can find the house of your dreams if you look hard enough. But if you watch any cartoons, you’ll probably find yourself being more and more disappointed with the real-world choices that are out there. Sure, cartoon houses don’t make sense and are probably far from being architecturally sound, but do we really have to give up on our childhood dreams of eating pizza in the sewers like the Ninja Turtles? If we had the chance to buy these cartoon houses, we’d snap them up in a second.

  1. The Jetsons: We’ll start with the obvious one since you can’t have a list of awesome cartoon anything without including our favorite space family. In Orbit City, all the homes float on little islands and come with all the amenities any lazy person could want. You can push a button for just about anything, whether it’s instantly cooked food that appears on your table or you want to eject your husband from his bed while you keep getting the kids ready for school. And don’t bother walking; conveyor belts and transporting tubes throughout the house will get you where you need to go. Add in the gorgeous views from the windows that run around the whole place, and the Jetsons’ place is one you’d never want to leave (until you remember how cool their flying cars/briefcases are).

  2. Up: The house in the animated Disney movie, UP, was a central part of the story where an old man and a young boy go on an adventure to get the house on top of Paradise Falls. The computer animation isn’t exactly what you would typically consider a cartoon, but the house doubles as a steerable hot air balloon! How could we leave it out? With murals, two perfect chairs, and thousands of colorful balloons, this house is just too fun to not exist. And so, someone in Utah built a replica and a National Geographic show flew their own version. Now where do we get ours?

  3. Duck Tales: The home of Scrooge McDuck and his three great-nephews would be an awesome place to live. Complete with 75 rooms of antiques, like phonographs and suits of armor, and a super snooty butler that brings everything to you on silver platters, the McDuck mansion would be a sight to see. And we’ll go ahead and count Scrooge’s Money Bin, full of three cubic acres of money, as part of his home since he spends so much time swimming in his riches. Care for a dip?

  4. The Flintstones: Often imitated in real life, but never duplicated, the houses from The Flintstones make the Stone Age look comfortable. We wouldn’t mind living as a caveman if we had sturdy rock homes, a roomy garage, and “automatic” appliances powered by adorable (and often sassy) prehistoric creatures. If we could use our crazy pets for some good, like opening the garage door or doing our laundry, we’d be living in a much better world. And we’re not the only ones who think so; the late Dick Clark used to own a luxury home, with views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands, that looked like one of the homes in Bedrock inside and out. It sold for $3.5 million.

  5. Dexter’s Laboratory: The cool part about 10-year-old scientist Dexter’s house is that it looks like your everyday, typical home. But behind a bookshelf in his room, with all kinds of spy-like security measures, is a secret lab with crazy advanced equipment where Dexter can drool over his latest (doomed-to-fail) inventions. It’d be just as much fun if you were more of a Dee Dee-type than a Dexter. Dee Dee is his girly older sister who always manages to get into the lab, prance around, and mess things up. Who wouldn’t want to have a place like that to annoy their younger brother?

  6. Spongebob Squarepants: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, we wish we did. Spongebob’s pad may not be safe for humans as it is right now, but if we all wore one of those deep-sea helmets that his squirrel friend wears underwater, we’d be just fine. Spongebob gets points for originality and for keeping his water-soaked fruit rot-free. And just so you don’t feel too far from home, you can still take a bath … even though you’re underwater. Don’t question the power of the pineapple!

  7. Mickey Mouse Club House: This favorite of toddlers is setting them up for some serious disappointment when they have to face the limits of reality and modern-day architecture. The club house where Mickey and all his friends hang out singing songs, dancing, and learning valuable little-kid lessons has great lighting, plush seating, and best yet, appears magically out of the ground. Once they’re done using it, it recedes back into the ground, disappearing completely until the next time they want to use it. This style would be perfect for a small lot where you want to enjoy an expansive house sometimes and still have a yard when you want it. We’d probably choose a design that didn’t look like a dismembered version of ourselves, though. But hey, Mickey’s got weird taste.

  8. Alice in Wonderland: The White Rabbit’s house in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is not only adorable (he obviously hired a decorator), but doubles as an outfit! All you have to do is eat one of his size-altering cakes when you don’t know what to wear. While it seems like the neighborhood isn’t so good (you know, with the evil queen and pyromaniac Dodo), you’d never be bored for entertainment.

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