8 Great Temporary Home Decorating Projects for Renters

Just because you rent doesn’t mean you have to live with drab, white walls and basic decor forever. There are plenty of chic decorations that are temporary and 100% apartment-friendly. Many decorations don’t even require drilling a single hole or painting anything to achieve a new and improved look without losing a dime of your security deposit. Check out these eight great temporary decorating projects that will make your rental feel more like home no matter where you live- Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska.

  1. Make light fixture covers

    Nothing’s worse than the boring uncovered light fixtures found in rentals. Some landlords will let you switch out the light fixtures temporarily, but that isn’t always the case. Instead of trying to install a complicated chandelier or track lighting, why not create your own unique light fixture cover? There’s no limit to the number of everyday things you can make into light covers, but some neat options include silk scarves, plastic baskets, umbrellas, and lace trimmings. These clever light covers add a nice touch to a drab ceiling, and, best of all, they are affordable and temporary.

  2. Paint your walls

    Did you know that some landlords will let tenants paint their walls if you agree to paint them back to their original color when you move out? If you’re one of the lucky ones who has the option to paint your walls, make sure you talk to your landlord about color choices and agree to the painting terms as lined out in your contract. Painting a room, or even just one wall, can do wonders for the overall lighting and mood of your place.

  3. Hang your kitchenwear

    Take your kitchen to new heights with a temporary pot rack or pegboard. Pot racks are major space savers and they help make your kitchen look bigger and your ceilings taller. Don’t have a high enough kitchen ceiling? Don’t fret; you can hang a multi-functional pegboard instead. A pegboard can hold a ton of pots, pans, and utensils and keeps things nicely organized.

  4. Apply wall decals

    Wall decals are a hot trend for renters looking for a fun and temporary way to add decorations to their bare walls. The peel-and-stick decals come in a wide variety of colors, themes, and patterns. Whether you want a faux headboard, imaginary forest, or a wall full of fluttering butterflies, wall decals will instantly make your rooms feel bigger and brighter.

  1. Start a garden

    One of the easiest ways to bring life to your rental is to start a garden either indoors or outdoors. Whether you use potted plants or hanging flowers, your place will feel instantly homier with a living, breathing plant around. Once you’ve accomplished this, why not take your green thumb to the next level and plant herbs and vegetables in a potted plant for added color and functionality.

  2. Use temporary wallpaper

    Landlord won’t let you paint your walls? No problem. Temporary wallpaper is your next best option. The temporary, self-adhesive paper is an excellent way to liven up your walls and make your rental feel more like home. Temporary wallpaper comes in the warmest and wildest of colors and prints and it’ll make a huge difference in the overall look of your home. Depending on how many walls you cover and how big they are, this project could last a couple hours, but it’ll pay off when you see how cool the finished product looks.

  3. Put down a new floor

    If you hate your floors and want to add some depth to your house, consider applying temporary vinyl tiles. These super chic tiles add a nice dose of color and are a good contrast to the bare white walls. The peel-and-stick tiles are removable and can be adjusted to the pattern and shape of your liking.

  4. Line your drawers

    Add a splash of color to your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom drawers by lining them with fun, removable paper. Wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, temporary wallpaper, book pages, stationery, and maps all make wonderful, one-of-a-kind drawer liners. You can either leave the drawer liners loose or keep them in place with removable double-sided tape.

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