8 Houses That Went Overboard With Christmas Decorations

It’s Christmas time again, which means it’s time to decorate. The holidays can bring about beautiful changes to the home, and it’s a season when curb appeal is at an all-time high. And then, there are the train wrecks that can be seen anywhere from San Diego to Baltimore. Check out these eight houses that went overboard with Christmas decorations, and thank Santa you don’t live here.

  1. Roll Tide

    Image credit: Flickr and UrbanTitan.com

    If there’s one thing that really gets hillbillies excited, it’s decorating for Christmas. Conjured up images of Randy Quaid from Christmas Vacation and your third cousin (twice removed) with as many teeth might haunt you this holiday season, but at least you didn’t string up a Volkswagen to represent Santa’s sleigh. At least these Alabama fans get points for creativity — it’s not every day you see a car being pulled by lighted reindeer hanging from a tree.

  2. Light It Up

    Image credit: SodaHead.com

    “Overboard” doesn’t even begin to cover it. This house would look bright and well-lit on the Las Vegas strip. No one can question these ostentatious homeowners’ Christmas spirit. (And no one can afford that electric bill, either.)

  3. The Christmas Truck

    Image credit: Jalopnik.com

    It’s not a house, it’s a truck. But one can only imagine what Kris Marshall of Iowa’s house might look like if he’s got this much Christmas spirit surrounding his car. The Iowa man was hauling a generator and Christmas lights to his church, and the idea of Christmas Truck was born.

  4. The White House

    A gingerbread White House. Image credit: WhiteHouse.gov and About.com

    It’s not that The White House in Washington DC goes overboard on Christmas, it’s that it’s home to the National Christmas Tree. While not particularly flashy, The White House has long been known for being a Christmas decoration paradise. There’s a gingerbread replica of the famous residence, and dozens of Christmas trees line the halls of the President’s office and home. And no matter who’s living in the White House, they’re using your tax dollars to decorate.

  5. Image credit: Flickr.com

    This house has the corner market on inflatable, pop culture-themed Christmas decorations. Sponge Bob, penguins, and hipster Santa (he’s wearing Wayfarers.) Is there even a house back there? Or do these homeowners live in a fully inflatable reality?

  6. Plastic Paradise

    Image credit: Flickr.com

    This house in Glenview, Ill., is plastic miniature Christmas statue heaven. Set to Christmas music and synced to several computer systems, this house has the creepy, static, pre-recorded plastic Christmas spirit — in droves.

  7. Domed and Dumb

    Image credit: Flickr.com

    This Christmasland home in Venice, Fla., has an inflatable snow globe and several penguins to greet onlookers, but also has a giant wire dome around the decorations’ perimeter. While Florida has always been an interesting state, this Christmas house takes weird to new heights.

  8. 20th Street Largesse

    Image credit: Flickr.com

    Did you ever play Super Mario Bros. World 4? This is the Christmas decoration version of that world. Where everything’s super large and in charge, this San Francisco house on 20th street takes “larger than life” to a new level. If you’re looking for Big Christmas, look no further than 20th Street.

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