8 Proven Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer

Every homeowner, renter, parent, and child has an interest in maintaining a safe neighborhood no matter where you live- Albuquerque, Arlington, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, but it’s up to each member of the community to keep it that way. There are a few easy steps that neighborhoods can take to achieve this goal, and if every household can abide by these simple recommendations then the entire neighborhood will benefit. Here are eight proven ways to make your neighborhood safer.

  1. Start a neighborhood watch program

    One of the best ways to keep your neighborhood safe and sound is to start a neighborhood watch program. Neighborhood watch programs establish procedures and leadership for reporting, resolving, and preventing crimes within the community. There are plenty of resources available to individuals looking to start a neighborhood watch program, but the most important aspect of any program is involvement. If your neighbors are willing to spend a little extra time participating in the organization and looking out for one another, then everyone in the neighborhood will be safer and better protected from potential crime.

  2. Maintain a well-kept yard

    This may seem like a strange way to keep your neighborhood safe, but a well-kept lawn communicates a great deal about the inhabitants of the home, and the community in general. A well-groomed lawn makes a statement that the homeowner or renter cares about their property, and if everyone in the neighborhood cares about their property, criminals won’t be able to get away with anything because neighbors are on the lookout. Taking pride in your home and encouraging your neighbors to do the same is an easy way to make your neighborhood a safer place.

  3. Host a block party

    Simply knowing your neighbors is an extremely important part of maintaining a safe neighborhood, and hosting a block party is a great way to get to know people in your community you may not otherwise meet. When you develop personal relationships with your neighbors, you are more likely to step in and prevent crimes or disputes, and your neighbor is more likely to do the same for you. The more of these relationships you can develop, the safer your neighborhood will be. What better way to develop relationships with your neighbors than in a fun and laid-back party atmosphere?

  4. Lock up

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people aren’t responsible about locking doors, windows, cars, or valuables. Failing to lock up makes you an easy target for would-be criminals and puts your valuables and your family members at risk. Even during the day when things seem safe, be sure to lock your home and your car. You simply never know when someone might target you or your property, and locking up is perhaps the easiest way to thwart a potential criminal and maintain a safe neighborhood.

  5. Remove graffiti

    Graffiti damages property and causes an uneasy feeling in communities because it signifies the presence of gangs. Getting rid of graffiti can significantly reduce fear and increase community pride. Painting over graffiti or covering it with attractive murals sends a message of zero tolerance for crime and gang activity, and that makes your community safer.

  6. Report suspicious behavior

    If you see something unsafe going on in your neighborhood, report it to someone. Whether it’s the police or the neighborhood watch, if law enforcement personnel don’t know that something bad is going on then they can’t take steps to prevent that behavior in the future. Reporting suspicious behavior also sends a message to suspicious persons that someone is watching and that there is no way you can get away with anything bad in this neighborhood.

  7. Maintain adequate lighting

    This may seem odd, but simply maintaining adequate outdoor lighting can drastically decrease the likelihood of crime and unsafe behavior. Criminals and delinquents are most active in dark, unsupervised areas. Reducing these areas by maintaining adequate outdoor lighting is a great way to keep criminal activity to a minimum, and it also sends a message that your neighborhood is active, attentive, and safe. Motion activated outdoor lighting is a great way to prevent potential criminal behavior without consuming excessive electricity.

  8. Keep valuables inside/out of sight

    Don’t bait a criminal — keep your valuables inside your home and out of sight. No matter how well you’ve attempted to protect yourself, a determined criminal will often take substantial risks if they can clearly see a valuable prize. Leaving an unobstructed view of your beautiful new TV is setting yourself up for disaster, and so is leaving your brand new mountain bike or lawnmower outside in plain sight. Keep your valuables out of sight, locked up, and inside whenever possible to prevent crime and maintain a safe neighborhood.

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