8 Tricks to Make Your Small Home Feel Bigger


You may have your heart set on a 10-bedroom mansion, complete with a game room, pool, ball room, and live-in maid, but we’re guessing you haven’t met that goal just yet. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of time to get your dream home. Until then, make the best of the space you have. If your house is feeling a little cramped, try one of these easy tips to open the space up and make it feel much larger.

  1. Choose light paint colors:

    You don’t have to stick with boring, old white; choosing lighter paint colors, like beiges or icy blues, can make each room feel much larger than it is. While dark colors might hide the corners of the room, they also seem to jump out at you, making the room feel much more closed in. Warm colors, like red, orange, and yellow, will make your walls feel closer together, so go for cool colors like blues, greens, and light purples.

  2. Get furniture that fits the room:

    Don’t try to cram furniture from your previous 3,000-square-foot house into your current 1,500 square feet of space. You’re just going to be crowded and uncomfortable. It’s important to choose furniture that is the right size for the room, so when you go shopping for those perfect pieces, make you sure you are armed with measurements. This goes for every room in the house. You want to make sure there is space to move around, which will make the space feel larger.

  3. Hang curtains strategically:

    If you have curtains that fit your window perfectly, you might be selling your space short. Shorter curtains and rods might be cheaper, but by hanging your drapes near your ceiling and on either side of your window, you gain the illusion of large windows and greater spaces. This trick doesn’t suit every window, but it’s perfect for most living room and bedroom windows.

  4. Stay organized:

    Got junk? Don’t we all? Your clutter could be making your home feel even smaller than it is. Best solution: simplify and get rid of some things. Second-best: keep all your little, unnecessary things organized or out-of-sight. Take as many things off the floor as possible, as it will make your floor space seem larger. Keep bookshelves tidy and streamlined, and find storage options that don’t take up a lot of room or detract from the size of the space.

  5. Fill up corners:

    Corners can be awkward and hard to utilize, but getting creative with the corners can be a great way to maximize your space. Get a corner bookshelf or dining room cabinet to add interest to the room without taking up useful floor space. You can even make a corner work for a larger item, like an entertainment center, if you find the right piece of furniture or splurge to have one custom-made. Most people don’t fill up their corners, but finding any use for them will open up floor space, giving the illusion of a larger room.

  6. Hang mirrors:

    We’ve been in countless stores and restaurants that we thought were twice as big as they really were because they had a wall full of mirrors. You can pull off the same mind-trick by hanging mirrors on your walls. Use a group of small mirrors, since they won’t be as expensive as very large ones, or turn a long mirror on its side. You can even dress up a mirror like a fake window in a room without much light or many windows. Your space will feel bigger and you’ll have that many more opportunities to look at yourself!

  7. Let in natural light:

    Natural light can do wonders for any space (and make you feel better about how you look when you see yourself in those mirrors you just hung!). You can add windows if you’ve got a big remodeling budget, but there are tricks you can use to get the most out of the light you already have. And if you live in states like California, Florida or Arizona where beautiful sunshine is the norm, then why not use it! Use light colors for furniture and rugs so they’ll reflect the natural light coming in. Thin, gauzy curtains will allow more light to pass through and glossy paint will bounce the sunlight around the room.

  8. Use glass-top furniture:

    Making a home feel bigger is all about optical illusions. Dark, clunky furniture makes a room feel cramped, while sleek, glass-top furniture opens a space up dramatically. You don’t want to feel like you’re living in a glass house, so just choose see-through versions of select pieces: the coffee and end tables in the living room, the table in the breakfast nook, the desk in a small office. Soon you’ll feel like you’ve gained hundreds of extra square feet.

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