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Getting Home Insurance in Tucson

Arizona is one of the least expensive states in terms of homeowners insurance. The average premium in the U.S. is $880, but homeowners in Arizona only pay $642 on average, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The Arizona Department of Insurance provides a chart that allows you to compare prices from multiple insurance providers according to multiple scenarios. According to the following scenario: a $100,000 frame home built in 2010 with coverage including $10,000 for other structures, $75,000 for contents, $20,000 for additional living expenses, $300,000 for personal liability, $1,000 for medical, and a $500 deductible, your premium for home insurance in Tucson would cost $271 with Fidelity National Insurance Company, $357 with Liberty Insurance Corporation, or $309 with Safeco Insurance Company of America, according to the chart.

Factors of Home Insurance Rates in Tucson

One factor that affects the premiums for homeowners insurance in Tucson is location. One reason for this is because in Tucson, a home is given a rating based on its proximity to fire protection, such as fire stations and hydrants. House fires are common no matter where you live, but Arizona has an increased threat of fire and smoke damage because the state is prone to wildfires. Location is also taken into account when considering crime rates. In most cases, a policy for homeowners insurance in Tucson will cover theft and vandalism, so the insurance company is going to evaluate the crime rate in your area when determining your premium. The following chart describes the average crime rates in Tucson:

  Robbery Burglary Larceny-theft
2010 1,088 5,002 N/A
2009 1,246 5,062 N/A
2008 1,451 5,157 N/A

Other factors that affect homeowners insurance in Tucson include the age of your home. This pertains to the building standards and codes that were in place when your house was built, as well as the increased liability of an older home. Your credit history is also considered to determine the likelihood that you will make your payments as well as your claims history. The types and number of claims filed on the house, as well as those filed by you, are factors. Tucson insurance companies will also consider any additions that could lead to injuries, such as a swimming pool or playset, as well as the types of pets you have because many policies will not cover damages caused by pets.

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