Using A Home Insurance Policy Floater To Protect Your Valuables home owner insurance,home insurance floater This article discusses how an all-risk home insurance floater can protect your professional equipment and high-value collectibles wherever they are. It also explains that high-limit, low-deductible floater policies are designed to protect your most expensive personal articles from loss or damage of any kind.

A home insurance floater or personal articles floater is a form of coverage that protects a policyholder’s moveable items anywhere in the world. Unlike standard home owner insurance policies, a floater policy covers item losses from theft and accidental damage. Floater policies have higher limits designed to cover high-value items that are vulnerable to loss, theft or damage. As a home owner, insurance for your valuables, collectibles, and equipment is essential for protecting your investments and livelihood.

Floater policies are extremely valuable to investors, collectors and professionals, who store or display high-value items in their homes. Traditionally, art collectors, precious metal investors, musicians and professional photographers have been in the greatest need of coverage that travels with their items and protects from theft, damage and loss of any kind wherever the item is. When coverage limits or benefits included with your home owner’s insurance policy do not protect your prized possessions, a floater policy is the ideal solution for insuring your personal articles wherever they are. Home insurance floater policies are designed to cover furs, jewelry, coin collections, precious metals, silverware, musical equipment, guitars, works of art, cameras, lenses, sporting goods, and many other items.

When you purchase a home owner insurance policy or floater policy, the deductible will always affect your annual premium. Many all-risk floater policies have no deductible, but you may have to provide an itemized list of your insured items when applying. Floater policies with deductibles generally have a lower annual premium, but you may end up paying a deducible each time you file a claim for an individual item. All-risk floater policies are underwritten as scheduled or unscheduled; scheduled policies require homeowners to list valuable items by class, including serial numbers, date of purchase, and replacement value. In many cases, policyholders have either 30 or 90 days to add newly purchased items before the grace period expires and unlisted items lose their automatic coverage. With an unscheduled policy, all of your personal articles are protected in your home, in transport, and anywhere the item goes.

If your equipment falls off the roof of your car, your floater insurance policy will cover the replacement cost. To receive compensation for valuable items stolen from your home, automobile, workplace or any other location, you will need to file an official police report that can be submitted with your insurance claim. Damage claims are typically settled by submitting photographs along with a statement from a certified repair technician. Settlements under a home insurance floater are based on the items market value, age and depreciation, not the cost of buying the same item from a retailer. Unlike a home owner insurance policy, all-risk floaters cover anything, anywhere, anytime.

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