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Getting Home Insurance in Fresno

The average cost for homeowners insurance in California is $922 a year, which is slightly higher than the national average of $880, according to the Insurance Information Institute. This number can vary when shopping for home insurance in Fresno depending on factors like the value of your home, when your home was built, and what company you choose. The California Department of Insurance website has a premium survey that will allow you to enter in information about your home and then compare the premiums of numerous insurance providers. For example, according to this survey, coverage in Fresno for a $200,000 home that’s four to six years old with a $500 deductible will cost $751 with Nationwide Insurance Company of America, $497 with Travelers Commercial Insurance Company, and $681 with Fidelity National Insurance Company.

Factors of Home Insurance Rates in Fresno

Due to the common occurrence of household fires, rates for homeowners insurance in Fresno can vary depending on the location of your home and how close it is to fire protection. Therefore, if your home is close to a fire station and a fire hydrant, you may have a reduced rate. Another factor that depends on the location of your home is the crime rate in your area. Most policies will cover losses and damages resulting from theft, vandalism, and other forms of criminal mischief, so insurance providers will consider crime rate in Fresno when determining what your premium will be. The following chart will give you an idea about the crime rate in Fresno:

  Robbery Burglary Larceny-theft
2010 1,021 5,262 14,645
2009 1,085 4,423 13,359
2008 984 4,173 14,106

Insurance providers will also consider certain things about your home that may cause injuries, such as playsets and swimming pools, because these are an increased liability. The number of claims you have filed in the past, along with the number and type of claims filed on your home, will be taken into consideration when deciding your premium as well. Your credit history will also be a factor because providers use it to determine how likely you are to make your payments.

In addition, the risk of natural disasters is factored in when considering what you will pay. California has a high risk of wildfires, and since most policies cover fire and smoke damage, this is taken into consideration. California is also known for earthquakes, which unfortunately are not covered in most policies. However, the Department of Insurance does provide a survey that allows you to compare premium prices for earthquake coverage as well. Fresno residents may need to ask insurers about earthquake policies.

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