Electrical Fire Safety in the Home

Fires can break out very easily in homes, and once they start, they spread quickly. In fact, they are the second highest cause of domestic injuries. The results are tragic and sometimes even fatal. However, practicing strong fire safety and prevention habits can easily safeguard against fires at home. Have a look through this article to learn more about fire safety tips and how to keep kids and pets away from potential harm.

Top Electrical Safety Tips

Look around your home and consider the amount of electrical appliances and machines that are currently plugged in. Most electrical fires are caused due to exposed cords or faulty plugs and switches. If your home is over ten years old, have all the wiring and electrical outlets properly inspected. Replace any damaged cords or fuses immediately. A common mistake that people make is to leave electrical cords running under carpets. A spark there can easily cause the carpet to catch fire. Examine any new appliances that are purchased and adhere to the safety tips mentioned in their manuals.

Childproofing Your Home

Children as young as babies are a curious bunch and won’t hesitate to poke and prod at electrical outlets, switches, or wires. The best way to prevent this is by childproofing these areas, as well as other parts of the home. Installing outlet covers is an excellent way of preventing electric shocks. Tape or attach wires along the corners of the room, so that they are not trailing loosely across the ground. This will help prevent accidental falls, or pulling at cords. Many children are easily tempted when they spy a lit candle, or a box of matches. Keep these types of items far out of reach to avoid children playing with them. An easy way to prevent accidental fire hazards with slightly older children is to simply teach them about fire safety and related dangers.

Pet Safety & Electricity

Each year, many domestic pets accidentally start fires in their homes. Most commonly, it involves stove tops or kitchen cooking items. The easiest way to prevent this is by installing a barrier in front of the kitchen so that the pets cannot enter that area. Another common cause is when pets chew through wires. Keep all cords securely tucked away and out of reach so that pets cannot access them. It is also important to keep electrical items such as lamps and heaters in secure locations so that larger pets cannot knock them down. National Pet Fire Safety Day offers additional pointers for pet owners on being aware of fires caused by pets and learning to prevent them.

Electrical Safety Checklists

Keep an electrical safety checklist in an easily accessible area. This can help remind all family members to carry out regular checks. Following this, it is easy to pinpoint and then fix any problem areas. Each of the following checklists address different aspects of the home, including older buildings, individual rooms, and safety procedures.

General Fire Safety Resources in the Home

For more resources on fire, browse through the additional resources below. Brush up on the procedure on how to use a fire extinguisher safely and effectively. Kids can also learn all about fire safety, including electrical fire hazards in the home. A great activity for kids and parents is to review fire safety rules and create an emergency escape plan. Remember to post the finished sketch in a prominent area and practice going through the escape route at least twice a year so that everyone is familiar with it.

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