Fire Safety in the Home – Keeping you and your Family Safe!

One of the scariest dangers in any home is the possibility of fire. It can destroy belongings and seriously injure or even kill people and animals. Fortunately, there are many things that all of us can do to prevent fires and stay aware of fire dangers. Even so, it is also very important to know exactly what to do in case there ever is a fire, specifically if you live in areas prone to wildfires such as New Mexico, parts of California, and Texas, which can be prone to drought-induced wildfires. Let’s learn some more about all of these aspects and review our knowledge with some fun links!

Fire Prevention

Many times, fires occur in homes simply because people are careless. For example, playing with matches can result in a deadly fire in a very short amount of time. In this case, the solution to preventing a fire is very easy: don’t play with matches! A smoke detector is a great tool that helps to alert us in case there is a fire. Check with your parents whether your home has a fully functioning smoke detector in all the main areas. As a family, you should also plan an escape route in case there is a fire. Practice escaping through this route with everyone (including pets) and decide on a meeting spot outside.

Fire Dangers

There are many areas of the house that are possible fire dangers. The kitchen is the largest area for fire hazards since we use various machines and tools to cook and heat food everyday. Similarly, stay away from candles or ask a grown-up to place them in areas where they cannot get knocked over easily. Remember that lamps, heaters, radiators and electric cords are also sources of heat. Don’t cover these objects with items such as paper, plastic or cloth, since it could cause them to overheat and start a fire. Also remember to never go near the stove, oven or barbecue without an adult’s supervision

If Caught in a Fire

Imagine what you’d do if there was a fire in your home. It would suddenly be extremely hot, and the thick smoke would make it hard to breathe or even see. In this type of situation, the first thing to remember is not to panic! Remaining calm and acting logically can save your life. Remember the fire escape route and head that way. If you are trapped, you will have to act differently. To stay alive, you need to breathe. Get a piece of cloth (even a towel will do), wet it if possible, and cover your mouth and nose with it. This will help you to breathe more easily. If you cannot escape, shut the door and place wet rags along the bottom to prevent smoke from entering. If there is a window, open it so that fresh air can enter. Look around – is there a phone in the room? Call 911 immediately. Finally, attach a large piece of cloth, for example a bed sheet or jacket, so that it hangs out of the window. This will help firefighters to locate you quickly. While you wait for them to arrive, stay low to the ground near the window. If your clothes are on fire, drop to the floor and roll around to put out the flames.

Fire Safety Resources and Tips

A great way to prevent and prepare for home fires is by talking to your family about them. If everyone knows exactly what to do in case of a fire, it can be very helpful. Fires can be a very scary thing, especially when they are in your home. Make sure you and your family know all of the necessary tips and take precautions to prevent a fire from occurring. Also, make sure that you have an escape plan in place. You can learn more and brush up on your knowledge by reviewing the additional resources below.

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