5 Funniest Geico Commercials of All Time

Geico commercials have evolved over the years to reflect many different marketing styles. One aspect that has remained constant is the element of humor tied into Geico’s overall message. Geico commercials are some of the quirkiest and lightest in the advertising industry. Below are five of the all-time funniest Geico commercials.

  1. “Do you live under a rock?”: One of the biggest Geico advertising campaigns centers on rhetorical questions being flipped into largely funny episodes. This particular question asks the audience if they have been living under a rock. Usually this is a sarcastic bit used to undermine a person’s social awareness. On the contrary, this statement is used in this commercial to bring to light the fact that Geico offers great insurance coverage while providing a laugh or two at the same time. The fact that a man literally comes from under a rock makes it an in-your-face funny way to present their case. The man’s rugged appearance and clueless demeanor makes “living under a rock” not only a valid, but comical way of bringing insurance to a more comedic level while providing valuable information at the same time. This commercial is so simple, yet so effective in making viewers laugh.
  2. “Yeah, there’s no discount for agreeing with me”: A major Geico character is Flo the insurance saleswoman. With her offbeat, quirky comments, Flo took over the insurance commercial industry. In her funny yet relatable manner, Flo has become a household name. She is showcased in many instances as the innocent saleswoman whose only concern is to help out Geico customers by giving them all the info they need to make the switch to better insurance. In one of her funniest commercials, Flo is speaking with a potential customer. As she describes the benefits of being covered by Geico, she unwittingly riles up the client to such excitement that he believes he is on a savings winning spree just by agreeing with her and adding to her excitement. It provides for a very comedic ending when she stops him in her usual awkward manner. In this commercial, viewers are able to receive all the discount info they need while Flo adds her touch that leaves viewers with a smile. While providing all the necessary business banter, Flo’s ties it all together in a funny way.
  3. Geico Gecko walks Brooklyn Bridge: An icon of the Geico company is the Geico gecko. With his adoring British accent and human-like body language, the gecko is known for his witty one-liners and comedic spin on the serious nature that is insurance. Due to him being seemingly unaware of his appearance or the fact that everyone around him is a human, Geico commercials that feature this creature are fun and entertaining while still informing viewers of the benefits of being covered by Geico insurance. In one of his starring roles, the gecko is taking a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge. Now this doesn’t sound odd, but the way he is strutting his stuff along the center of the bridge amongst many surprised onlookers and conversing ever so nonchalantly makes for a very funny looking sequence of events. It is not very common to see a gecko walking, on his hind legs nonetheless, and regaling over how Geico is a great insurance company. He walks with such conviction and authority that it makes for a very funny scene when he doesn’t understand why he gets so many surprised stares.
  4. “Let me be myself”: An odd, yet widely successful campaign for Geico involves a caveman searching for his identity in a world that mocks him and his character. The premise of this series of commercials involves sending the message that Geico is so easy to sign up with that even a caveman could do it, as the saying goes. The commercials feature a caveman uncomfortably covered in modern-day clothes doing 20th century things yet still displaying unruly bodily hair, pre-evolutionary facial features, and an uneasy attitude about being thrust into a time that is not his own. A popular song of the time is playing as the background music has lyrics such as “let me be myself.” As the song continues to set the scene, he rips the clothes off in an attempt to free himself of a fake identity. The combination of this beastly looking caveman dressed in a common man’s wardrobe and a heartfelt song creates an incredibly funny depiction of what a misunderstood caveman would look like.
  5. Eyes and Money At the Library: One of the earlier Geico celebrities includes a little pair of plastic eyes sitting atop a stack of money. With no lines and no actual personality, these tiny bubbles took the public by storm. As the commercial’s messages were to visibly show what the money you could be saving with Geico actually looks like, they portrayed an actual image of savings. Once formally introduced, the little eyes began to be featured in random acts of funny. In a particular scene, the eyes and the money are in a library sitting on a bookshelf. As an unsuspecting woman tries to get her work done, the eyes take a mirror and shine the suns reflection in her face. They continue to harass the woman until she looks up and smiles at the kind eyes and stack of money she sees. In a weird and unique way, Geico has made the public laugh while pointing out one of the reasons that makes them a great insurance choice: saving you money.

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