5 Ways Home Insurance Leads Can Benefit Agents

Insurance agents can expand their business by focusing on getting leads from homebuyers who need multiple levels of insurance. Once a home insurance purchaser becomes a client, the chances are very good they will continue to come to you for their other insurance needs.

  1. Home insurance leads bring potential life-long customers: Any underwritten mortgage approval requires properties to be insured in tandem. Usually a borrower defers to the lender for advice about where to go for insurance. To get an abundance of clients who then want to bundle auto policies, life insurance, and other insurance needs, these life-long clients can come to you through forging relationships with lenders and real estate agents. The best lead is the first-time homebuyer.
  2. Building trust with lenders brings many more leads: Creating solid trusted relationships with lending institutions, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and loan officers is the simplest way to begin building a flow of long-term customers who will have ongoing insurance needs. A mortgage broker keeps lists and details about their clients. This is a rich repository of people who are in immediate need of home and property liability insurance.
  3. You can learn which clients to contact first: Some agents will do internet research to locate mortgage lenders, officers, and real estate agents in their local area. Everyone knows the personal relationship is the most potent, so a personal visit is always the best idea. The insurance agent can get an idea of how much insurance the client will need and perhaps want by checking into the size and cost of the house purchased, the make and model of personal cars, and by having a trusted relationship with the lender or agent who can freely offer information that is not confidential. Using this method can help you choose clients to approach after you have secured the recommendation from your lender, officer or agent of contact.
  4. Making a good deal can lead to many more: Forge mutual partnerships by offering to give the clients they refer the best insurance premiums and offers you can manage. Everyone is out looking for the best deal and to secure high-quality, long-term clients, sometimes making a few upfront deals is the smartest thing you can do. This reciprocal business partnership can lead to much more opportunity, so be smart about showing integrity, trustworthinesss, and your ability to make offers that can’t be refused. These lenders, loan officers, and real estate agents manage or have access to very large databases that are filled with people who will need to insure anything they have just gotten a loan for.
  5. Using lead-generating services can also help you: Don’t be afraid to use a lead generating service, either. Companies such as Direct Source, Inc provide phone response systems that will make immediate calls to the buyer in a manner that collects the fresh lead and delivers it into your office. These calls are designed to deliver the benefits of your insurance packages by phone, with an immediate way to call into a live agent at your office. These leads cost only pennies apiece and become extremely valuable if used properly and the company is high-quality with a great fresh-lead generation track record. Be sure to thoroughly check out any lead generation company ahead of time and always remember the personal relationship and live-call from an agent who has already been referred by the trusted lender is actually far better.

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