5 Fastest and Easiest Sites for Home Insurance Quotes

Home insurance is one of the most important safety nets that is available for every homeowner. Various types of insurance policies are available to help you rest easy. Coverages can include property damage and losses of the home itself, personal possessions that are in the home, the contents of the home’s appliances or furniture and liability coverage, the latter of which can include damages from accidents that occur within the home or within the territory of which the policy covers. This is just a quick overview of homeowners insurance to get a better understanding.

  1. NetQuote.com: NetQuote.com is a website that not only gives you one quote, but also gives you five other competitive quotes for simply putting in your zip code. Once you put in your zip code and fill out a quick and easy form, Netquote.com will give you the five quotes that best appeal to you. Netquote.com has served millions and millions of customers, helping them find the right home insurance for them. The advantage Netquote.com gives to the homeowner is the ability to count on more than 20,000 agents around the nationwide network and the ability to compare pricing from major insurance companies along with other smaller based companies side by side, making sure you get the best price and coverage available for you and your family.
  2. HomeownersInsurance.com: The HomeownersInsurance.com website provides you with quotes from various insurance agencies at affordable pricing. Being one of the youngest websites to offer quotes to homeowners, it offers you fast and reliable service online or through the phone. Simply by inputting your zip code, the date your home was built, and whether you own or rent the property, you will receive fast and accurate quotes. While filling out your forms for homeowners insurance, you can choose the type of insurance you are looking for.
  3. InsuranceQuotes.com: The third-best site that offers a fast and easy homeowners insurance quotes is InsuranceQuotes.com. They offer competitive insurance quotes tailored to your needs. Offering insurance options for car, home, life insurance, health insurance, renters insurance, dental insurance, group health insurance, and business insurance, this website connects you to the insurance agencies without hassles and without any commitments whatsoever. You will get connected with pricing in your local area as well as pricing nationwide with the largest network of local and national insurance agencies that InsuranceQuotes.com has to offer. The main mission of InsuranceQuotes.com is to provide consumers with the best prices, insurance policies, and ways to shop and compare your different homeowners insurance options, which you will be given at the website.
  4. AffordableHomeInsurance.org: The AffordableHomeInsurance.org site is certainly one of the top five easiest and fastest websites to get home insurance quotes. They can help you get the most affordable home insurance from top insurance carriers in the nation. The Affordablehomeinsurance.org website does the shopping for you, giving you the best available prices and coverage. It takes into account the location of the home, type of home insurance, types of natural disasters and crime rates that can affect your quote. Once it does this, the best price available along with the name of the insurance agency will be given to the homeowner. Incidents that you can expect to be covered are fire, lightning, explosions, wind, car accidents, theft, volcanic eruptions, and vandalism, just to mention a few.
  5. AnswerFinancial.com: AnswerFinancial.com is a company that can help you save hundreds in homeowners insurance. It will show you up to 10 different companies that you can choose from once you type in your zip code and your current insurance status. A consultant will be available if you have trouble getting your home insurance quotes online. They will give the options and can even guide you through the process of finding the best price. AnswerFinancial.com is partnered with some of the biggest names in the home insurance business that will give you competitive pricing along with the appropriate coverage. Combining auto and home insurance can save you up to 15 percent, giving you all the incentives necessary to take that step in making sure your home is insured from fire, break-ins, and the rest.

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