5 Consumer Testimonials About Good Home Insurance Coverage

Searching for a home insurance company can be confusing and worrisome. What if the company isn’t there for you when you need them the most? One of the best ways to discover how an insurance company treats its customers is by learning what existing customers have to say about their companies.

  1. USAA: “We recently had water damage to our home due to a broken pipe. I was at work and couldn’t come home. My wife called USAA early in the morning. They had a mitigation crew at our house within thirty minutes. This crew did a great job of stopping further damage and they immediately began to prepare everything for the “dry out” process. As soon as the dryout was completed, USAA had a contractor crew in who replaced everything that required replacement, and repaired other things. USAA’s response was great. I know that there are folks who complain about the cost of homeowner’s insurance premiums, and yes, I am one of them, but my premiums through USAA, while higher than I like, are still very competitive in the market. I have been with USAA for 25+ years and have been pleased with service and products during all of that time.”
  2. GEICO: “I have been through many insurance companies. I have always been able to find a better rate. It has been 3 years and I have not been able to find anyone better! We now also have our homeowners insurance through them. My brother moved and I also recommended him to Geico! Thanks so much!”
  3. State Farm Insurance: “I have had State Farm for 15 years. When my teenage children started driving, we had several claims to make within a two to three year period. I was afraid State Farm would not renew our policy, but they did. Our agent said it was typical for teenagers to have several accidents. Five years ago our neighborhood had hail damage. State Farm was readily available to replace our roof without hassle. Six months ago we had a leak in our bathroom causing home damages of over $10,000. Working with State Farm was painless. They worked with me, gave me advise when I asked for it, answered my calls promptly, and paid my bills in a timely manner. Three months ago, I had hail damage to my car, again, State Farm was there to assist without problems. State Farm charges more money than some other insurance companies but it is well worth it to me. I would recommend them to anyone. ”
  4. Farmers Insurance: “Farmers is great and so is my agent. He is always there to answer any question I may have. And he educates me on what and why I need coverages. The helppoint claims center is great as well. I switched 4 yrs ago from State Farm and have been very pleased. He even comes out once a yr to be sure nothing has changed.”
  5. Allied Insurance: “I had to file a claim and the process went very smooth. I was expecting it to be as bad as my old company. But they were great. I recommend to all of my friends.”

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