Home Safety for Kids

Although we usually feel safe at home, there are many things in our houses that can be dangerous. Some of these things can cause a fire, poisoning, injuries, or other types of damage to our belongings or ourselves. It is very important to learn about these dangers and know how to be safe in every part of our homes. Read on to learn more about protecting yourself from harm!


The kitchen is probably the most dangerous room in our homes. Can you think why? There are many electrical machines and heat sources. This means that it is very easy to start a fire in the kitchen. In this room, we also find many sharp objects, like knives. If we are not careful, we can get badly hurt by these items. The best way to stay safe in the kitchen is to keep some distance away from dangerous machines and sharp objects. Always ask an adult to help you in the kitchen if you want to cook.


We need to be careful in the bathroom because it may contain chemical products. Remember that you must never eat or swallow any of these. The only products that can go in your mouth are toothpaste and mouthwash, and you must spit it out after using them. If there are other cleaning products or medicines in the bathroom, don’t touch them. We should also be careful with water in the bathroom. Always clean up any spills, so that someone doesn’t fall. In the bathtub, ask a parent or older sibling to stick around. Never try and hold your breath underwater in the bathtub.

Family Room and Bedrooms

We usually spend a large amount of time in our bedrooms and the family room. These areas usually have many wires and electrical outlets. When you see these things, never touch them or you could get an electric shock. Try not to run around or lean out of windows to prevent accidental falls.

Basement and Laundry Room

The basement and laundry room can be quite dangerous for kids. The laundry machines are very large and kids should be careful to stay far away from them. Never try to crawl or hide inside a laundry machine, or press any of the buttons. If you see cleaning products in these rooms, leave them alone. You can tell when a product is dangerous because it will have a hazardous substance symbol on it.


When you want to go to the garage, ask mom or dad to accompany you. This is important because kids should not be around cars all alone. The garage usually also contains large machines like lawnmowers and snow blowers, or dangerous things like paint cans and chemical products. Don’t touch any of these and keep younger siblings away from them too.


Everyone loves to play outside! It can be a whole lot more fun if we remember to be safe as well. Don’t go out during bad weather, especially during a lightning storm. If there is a swimming pool, only go swimming when a parent or trusted adult is watching. Don’t forget to keep pets on a leash to prevent them from running away. If you are helping to tend the garden, be careful when using tools and don’t eat unknown plants.

General Home Safety

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