5 Great Sites That Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Insurance is, when you get right down to it, nothing more than a bet that sooner or later disaster is going to strike. Homeowners insurance is meant to act as a shield to help you defend against liability, property damage, destruction, and other unforeseen things that might happen in your home. Of course, that’s no reason to pay more for your homeowners insurance policy than you have to, which is why you should always compare your rates using some of the simplest and most efficient tools online.

  1. Esurance.com: You’ve probably seen the commercials for this insurance company starring their pink-haired, femme fatale mascot. Esurance is in fact an Allstate company, but that doesn’t make it any less useful for rate comparison. In fact, given all of the muscle that a big company like Allstate can, and has, put into the Esurance website, it’s easy, fast and simple to just type in your information and get quotes from a variety of different insurance companies with the click of your mouse. No commitment necessary, and once you have the rates, you can just walk away with your free knowledge — if that’s what you want.
  2. NetQuote.com: NetQuote.com, as the name implies, is a website dedicated to getting you all the possible insurance quotes you could ever want. NetQuote claims to be one of the easiest insurance experiences you’ll ever have, and it might not be too far off in that claim. NetQuote can get you free quotes from a variety of insurance providers on pretty much any type of insurance you need, from homeowners to medical, auto to life. If all you want is to get the basic quotes on your homeowners insurance from a simple system that makes sure to hit all of the major providers as well as many others, then NetQuote is your internet insurance shopping destination.
  3. CompareHomeownersInsurance.org: The name says it all. In addition to providing you a free search engine to check all of the insurance quotes from all the different companies on the market, Compare Homeowners Insurance offers you tips and tricks for staying ahead of the curve when dealing with homeowners insurance companies, what sort of coverage you need and how to save money while still keeping full coverage. Even if you don’t search for your policy here, you should definitely read through the guides and how-to sections just to make sure that you don’t get accidentally caught up in paying for something that you don’t really need in the first place. Like insuring the land your home is on (a remote outside chance) rather than just insuring your home.
  4. Progressive.com: Progressive has made absolutely sure that customers know they offer comparison shopping on every type of insurance you could ever want or need. And while you might not have a remote clicker that gives you an automatic update on the exact quotes and rates you could expect to pay, Progressive.com offers the next best thing. The website is simple to navigate and easy to use; all you really need is all of the basic information about you and your financial situation so that you can answer the questions regarding your homeowners insurance needs. Once again, all you need to do is log on and fill in the blanks so that you can compare and contrast all of the different homeowners insurance policies and quotes on them from the comfort of your favorite computer chair, no strings attached and nothing to agree to.
  5. Insurance.com: Making sure that everyone sees the site and knows exactly what to expect, Insurance.com also offers fast and easy homeowners insurance rate-checking and price quotes. Whether you just want to check all of your available quotes in one place, or you want to make sure that none of the other quote-checkers you used missed anything in their exhaustive search, Insurance.com offers you a dedicated program that will display everything you need in a simple, easy-to-understand format. Insurance shopping has never been easier, and since all of the insurance companies are competing for your business, you have everything right there at your fingertips ready to go.

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