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Getting Home Insurance in Kansas City

Home insurance in Kansas City protects you financially from damage caused by fires, lightning strikes, windstorms, falling objects, vandalism, theft, hail, and more. This protection covers the structure of your home and extends to the property within it, including furniture, clothes, and appliances. Other structures on your property may be covered as well. However, damage caused by earthquakes and floods is not covered by most policies, and requires separate policies or endorsements. Most Kansas City policies include additional living expenses in case you are displaced from your home, and liability insurance, which covers you if someone is injured on your property and you’re found responsible. Liability coverage typically pays for legal fees, court costs, and medical expenses up to the policy limit. Keep in mind, however, that medical expenses have a separate limit from liability.

Factors of Home Insurance Rates in Kansas City

Insurance providers consider many different factors when determining the cost of your home insurance. Generally speaking, insurance companies consider the age and condition of your home when calculating what you will pay to insure it. Newer homes that are in better condition will be cheaper to insure than older ones because they’re less likely to have problems with the plumbing or electrical wiring. Your home’s location is important as well. It may be less expensive to insure if it is close to a fire station or a fire hydrant because it will, presumably, take less time for firefighters to respond to an emergency. Insurers are aware that the longer it takes firefighters to arrive to your home, the greater the chance more property will be destroyed. Additionally, if your home is in an area of Kansas City that is frequently flooded or one that has a high crime rate, then it may be more expensive to insure.

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The construction of your home is important as well. For example, if your home is made from brick or any other fire-resistant material, it may cost less to insure compared to homes constructed with wood. The kind of dog you own may matter as well. Dogs that are of a certain breed, such as Pitt Bulls and Doberman Pinschers, may cause the cost to increase because they may be more likely to bite. According to the Insurance Information Institute, dog bites comprise one-third of all homeowner’s insurance liability claims, which cost $413 million in 2010. In some cases, an insurance company may elect not to provide liability coverage for a certain breed of dog. Finally, insurance companies may also consider a person’s credit score and claims history when calculating their insurance premiums.

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