Tornado damage can be overwhelming

Getting Home Insurance in Tulsa

Home insurance in Tulsa protects policyholders from suffering through financial loss as a result of damage to their homes or belongings. Policies commonly cover disasters like fire, hail, and windstorms, though coverage varies based on the policy. As tornados are common in and around Tulsa, insurance protection against severe weather is vital. Individuals who are not covered run the risk of having to pay out of pocket for any damage that strikes their home during bad weather. In addition to providing coverage for damage to your home or personal property during disasters, homeowners insurance Tulsa policies usually offer liability protection for any injuries visitors may sustain while on your property.

In Oklahoma, the average premium costs $1,123, which is higher than the nation’s average, according to the Insurance Information Institute. It is ranked as fifth in the nation for highest average monthly premiums. The high cost is a result of the frequency of tornadoes; according to Oklahoma’s Insurance Department, the state averages 54 tornadoes a year. Though they pay more, Oklahoma policyholders also get more coverage for natural disasters.

Factors of Home Insurance Rates in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The cost of insurance Tulsa varies depending on the home’s age, condition, and its history of damage claims. The frequency of severe weather — tornadoes, in particular — also affect insurance premiums. According to the Oklahoma Insurance Department, credit history and the home’s proximity to fire protection, like fire hydrants and fire stations, can also raise or lower insurance premiums.

High instances of crime can also affect average rates. If theft and property damage frequently occur in Tulsa, your insurance rates will be higher than the state average. The following chart provides information on crime in Tulsa:

  Robbery Burglary Larceny-theft
2010 1,381 7,146 11,857
2009 1,117 6,626 14,521
2008 1,096 6,725 13,746

Though flood damage and back-up sewage and water are not covered under Oklahoma homeowners insurance policies, such coverage can be obtained through additional policies, according to the Insurance Department. This will cause you to have a higher insurance rate, but the additional coverage can come in handy if your Tulsa home is ever damaged by water. The Insurance Department website provides a list of insurance add-ons and their estimated prices.

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