4 Household Items That You Can’t Afford Not to Cover With Insurance

In addition to having insurance on your home, there are also a number of other items inside of it you may want to cover. Let’s face it, sometimes things happen, and when they do, you need to be prepared. Sure, most people have home insurance, but there are also a number of other valuable items in your home you may want to consider covering.

Creating another level of financial protection on valuable personal property items in your home is becoming vital these days. More and more, homeowners everywhere are beginning to see the importance of protecting their assets. While every home is different when it comes to the items inside, there are a few basic items every home has, and that every home owner should consider insuring.

  1. Jewelry: When it comes to insuring jewelry, it’s important individuals understand it’s more likely to be damaged than stolen. While it’s going to take a lot to actually destroy your jewelry, it won’t take a lot for a thief to break in and steal any jewelry you own. Imagine having a prized heirloom diamond ring that was given to you by a loved one. It’s your most treasured possession and you take it with you everywhere. Now imagine waking up one morning to find your home has been broken into. You quickly run to your jewelry box only to find the thief has taken everything, including that prized heirloom diamond ring. This is just one of the many reasons it is a good idea to make an exception in your insurance policy for any jewelry you own. The last thing you want to have to worry about is losing a valuable possession, and if you do, not being compensated for your loss.
  2. Home Improvements: For those who spend their weekends installing floors, laying carpet, installing new cupboards and more, one of the most important things you can do is add some of your construction projects to your insurance policy. While it’s not necessarily to permanently add home improvements to your insurance policy, it is considered best practice to wait at least a few years until the home begins to lose its value.
  3. Collectibles: Many individuals are huge fans of collecting things. With that said, getting insurance for your collectibles might just be one of the most important items you can insure in your home. There would be nothing worse than having an entire collection, whether it be coins, stamps or ball cards, destroyed in a fire, for example. With that said, if these items are insured, then at the very least, you’ll receive some compensation for your loss. Believe it or not, your insurance company will work with you on making sure your collectibles are protected. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to insure a Mickey Mouse from 10 years ago or some old Nintendo games or a rare coin collection; the sky is the limit on what types of collectibles you can insure.
  4. Computer Equipment: With ever-growing technological revolution underway, it seems like a new electronic device pops up every minute. From flat screen TVs to BluRay players to stereos and more, your options are pretty much limitless when it comes to insuring an electronic device. And considering the price of many, insuring these items may not be such a bad idea. These days, individuals store more important items on their computer than ever. These items include photographs, blog entries, passwords, letters from family and friends, and more. Additionally, if you’re a home business owner, then it is absolutely vital you include the electronic devices you own as an exception. It comes down to basic sense.

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