Are home foundation repairs covered by insurance?

If your home’s foundation is damaged by a peril that is included in your home insurance policy, the repairs for those damages will be covered. However, foundations and slabs present unique challenges because they can often be damaged by perils that are commonly excluded from coverage under your homeowners insurance policy.

Most home insurance policies exclude damage to the foundation as a result of settling, cracking, shrinking, bulging, or expansion of the foundation. There are a number of reasons why foundations shift over time. Soil is not always stable, the earth regularly shifts and something as simple as overwatering your landscaping can cause oversaturation of the soil. All of these potentially undermine the foundation of your home and are not considered the types of perils home insurance policies insure against. Policies also commonly exclude damage from earth movement and water damage, such as flooding. Other exclusions are those for anything that arise out of a lack of maintenance, such as tree roots that grow too large and cause shifting or cracking of the foundation. All of these are common causes of foundation damage, but they’re also typically excluded from home insurance policies. Therefore, while there is coverage for your foundation’s damage within your homeowners insurance policy, many of the most common causes will not be covered.

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