Does homeowners insurance cover power failure from a storm?

Most homeowners insurance policies will exclude losses resulting simply from a power failure occurring off the premises of the home. For example, this is intended to exclude damages that arise from the utility company’s damages, even though those damages may result in a lack of power delivery to your home. For example, if your electrical company experiences a problem at their power plant, which then leads to electricity blackouts, your homeowners insurance will not cover this.

However, there may be other reasons for a loss of power at your home, such as if there’s a big storm outside and winds or trees knock down the power lines at your home. In this case, the resulting damages from a loss of power may be covered by your homeowners insurance because the source of the power loss actually occurred on your property.

Some insurance companies also offer coverage enhancements that will provide some limited coverage for food spoilage as a result of power failures that are otherwise not covered. For example, if the cause of the power failure was away from your home, basic coverage for food loss due to lack of refrigeration may be covered.

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