What are medical payments?

Medical payments coverage is often a part of the homeowners insurance policy. It helps the homeowner by potentially resolving small claims. If someone is injured on your property, the medical payments portion of your policy will reimburse that individual’s medical expenses up to the limit you purchased.

Unlike liability coverage, this coverage does not require the injured individual to establish that you are liable for his or her injury. Your insurance will reimburse the basic medical expense in the hope that this gesture of good will can prevent the injured individual from pursuing a larger claim or suing you for additional damages later on.

Medical payments coverage has a limit that is specified on your policy. Remember that because this is the maximum your insurance company will pay, you will have to work something else out for whatever remainder is left over if the medical payment exceeds your coverage. Luckily, you sometimes have the option to select a higher limit when purchasing your policy to avoid this situation.

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