How much notice must the insurer provide to cancel homeowners insurance?

Insurance companies are regulated by each state within which they sell insurance policies. Among the many state regulations are very strict terms on how the insurance company must notify you if they intend to cancel your homeowners insurance policy. Notice periods will vary from state to state, but in most cases, the minimum notice period for cancellation (for anything other than non-payment of insurance premium) is 30 days. Cancellation due to non-payment of premium may be as little as 10 days. Cancellation notices are required to be in writing, sometimes via certified mail.

There are also regulations on the reasons for which an insurance company may cancel your policy during the policy term. These reasons are usually detailed in the terms and conditions section of your home insurance policy. A violation of any of the terms may result in your policy’s cancellation prior to its expiration. If the insurance company wishes to not renew your policy upon its normal expiration, they must also provide you with timely, written notification of their intent to non-renew.

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