What do I do if I need to file a claim?

When you purchase your insurance policy, the insurance company will provide you with information on how to file a claim. In addition to the policy itself, there will be general information about how to best notify the insurance company of any claim or any potential claim. If you have an insurance agent, the agent may request that you contact him or her in the event of a claim, and he or she will contact the insurance company on your behalf.

But whether you contact your insurer directly or through an agent, it is important to notify the insurance company in a timely manner, as that is one of the conditions of your insurance policy. The sooner the insurance company is aware of a claim, the sooner it is able to process and potentially minimize the extent of the claim. If you are aware of an incident that may develop into a liability claim, you should also notify your insurance company immediately. This will allow the home insurance company the ability to conduct a timely investigation while all the facts evidence is still readily available. The better the investigation, the better the insurance company is able to respond on your behalf should a claim be filed.

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