What if I lose my policy?

If you lose your insurance policy, you should contact your insurance immediately to request a duplicate copy. Your insurance company should be able to provide you with a copy very quickly, as most policies are generated based on standardized forms. You should not, however, consider the relative ease with which a policy copy can be replaced to mean that you should not protect your policy.

Even though your policy form is somewhat standardized, there are still modifications to your policy that are unique to your situation. In other words, your homeowners insurance policy is specific to you and your home. Insurance companies process huge numbers policies every year and they may make mistakes from time to time. The best way to enjoy the benefit of the insurance coverage you purchased is to review your policy upon receipt and keep it in a safe place. The worst time to review your policy for the first time is when you have to file a claim. Look at it this way: if your house burns down and your policy burns along with it, that’s just one more complication during an already very stressful time. To ensure that your policy is safe, make copies of it and keep the original policy as well as the copies in safe places, such as in a safe or fire-proof box.

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