Resource Guide On Home Safety!

Home safety is one of the most important issues facing families all over the world. The home is one of the most dangerous places, especially for curious toddlers and children. Loose carpets, slippery floors, and other safety hazards put children and adults at risk for serious injuries and even death. Paying attention to safety hazards and making repairs in a timely manner can reduce these risks and make the home safer for everyone in the family to enjoy. Baby-proofing the home involves putting locks on cabinets and toilet lids, keeping hazardous chemicals away from children, and keeping small items away from kids to reduce their choking risk. Toddlers are very mobile, so using stove lock knobs, baby gates, and other safety tools can protect them from falls, burns, broken bones, and other injuries. It is especially important to prepare for emergencies when there is a child with special needs in the home. There are a number of resources available to help parents plan for emergencies in homes with deaf children, children with visual impairments, and children with medical conditions that impair their mobility.

These resources explain more about identifying and correcting home safety hazards to make the home safer for every family member.



Children with Special Needs

Pet Safety

Kitchen Safety

Bathroom Safety

Fire Safety

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